Informative articles from Centennial therapists

Healing Through Play Therapy

by Kimberly Eldridge, LCSW

Loving Someone with a Substance Use Disorder

by Jennifer Geltz, LCSW

The Antidote to Being Bombarded by Self-Criticism

by Melissa Ludzack, LMFT

How to Be Happier this Year

by Mary Kay Clarke, LCPC, CADC

Growing Up Introverted in an Extroverted World

by Sarah Turner, LCPC

What is Anxiety and When is it a Problem?

by John Deku, LCPC

Financial Stress

by Marko Tunjick, LCPC

Meditation and Anxiety

by Gabby Wnek, LCSW

Self-Care as a Means to Reduce Stress

by Tiffany Markelz, LCSW, CADC

Technology and Mental Health

by Daniel Beard, ALMFT

Art Therapy for All Ages and Issues

by Laurie Cox, PhD, LCPC

Understanding Anger and Learning How to Deal with it Effectively

by Bernadette Collins, LMFT, CFLE

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