What to Expect

Calling to schedule

When you call one of our locations our Support Staff will ask you for several pieces of information to assist in getting you connected to the best therapist for your situation.

When using an insurance benefit, Support Staff will collect information over the phone and find out which therapists are in your network. They will also find out about any deductibles or co-pays you may be responsible for and any restrictions the insurance company may have regarding using your benefit. Support Staff will call you back with this information.

Your first appointment

We ask that you come early for the first appointment to fill out the forms needed before getting started. If you prefer, you can download a copy of the forms here.

At your scheduled time, your therapist will greet you in the waiting room and bring you to his/her office. Sessions are approximately 45-55 minutes long. Your therapist will take time to get to know you and learn about your goals for therapy.

Kids as clients

When parents bring a child under the age of 12, the therapist may have a preference as to begin with the parent(s) alone or by meeting with the parent(s) and child together.

Either way it is helpful to bring along all relevant documents that may be informative. These might include copies of:

Note for divorce situations

If you are involved in a divorce or custody litigation, please remember the role of a therapist is not to make recommendations for the court concerning custody or parenting issues or to testify in court concerning opinions on issues involved in the litigation. Only court-appointed experts, investigators, or evaluators can make recommendations to the court on disputed issues concerning parental responsibilities and parenting plans. In this context, therapy is largely focused on the welfare of the children, supporting and helping them through the process.

In situations where one parent is initiating counseling and the child is covered under the OTHER parent’s insurance policy, we will need the insured’s pertinent information to file the claim. Furthermore, it is expected that the attending parent will pay all fees at the time of service and take care of reimbursement on their own.